Barbara Gabler

Activating Self Healing

Born in Vienna, Austria and qualifying in anthropology Barbara gained powerful insights into diverse cultures, healing modalities and the human experience around the world.
Her academic background combined with her innate gift for activating healing in others has seen her become a sought-after coach, teacher and speaker around the world.
She has been called a ‘healer’ a ‘medical intuitive’ and a ‘body whisperer’ as her work centres around what we carry that no longer serves us, and utilises techniques to identify and dissolve patterns that create barriers and harm to our wellbeing.


Barbara believes we all can all live bigger, brighter and more vital versions of our self. We all have a story we carry consciously or unconsciously that can contribute to the dimming of our light physically, mentally and or spiritually. Hidden emotions, trauma and thought patterns dim our way and our light. They are not part of our true authentic self but create blocks and barriers.


As a guide to healing Barbara’s focus is always on the positive and the light within another. Rather than giving advice she reconnects you with your own inner source of body wisdom. Unbundling personal stories and bringing them into the clear light of day is part of the journey to dissolving patterns that are no longer of service to wellbeing.
You will find Barbara brings a high level of intuition, empathy and intelligence to her work.
Clients work with Barbara to:

  • Identify patterns that are no longer of service
  • Uncover and heal emotional wounds
  • Gain greater self-worth and dissolve any self-sabotage patterns
  • Address hidden causes of illnesses


Barbara offers sessions to clients all over the world in person, via skype or over the phone.
Coaching sessions are geared around personal needs and typically one hour in length. You may find one session is all that is needed to bring balance to a specific issue, or you may want to work once a week for deeper transformational healing over a longer period. Barbara’s approach is to create self-autonomy and self-healing – not to create reliance on her.


Stay tuned for more to come